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Apr 17 2014

Your compulsory Easter fluffy bunny story

Your compulsory Easter fluffy bunny story

Did you know there is an actual Bunny Obstacle race in the world? With jumps and everything?!  Taking place in Prague, the ‘Hop-off’ is part of the City’s Easter celebrations.  Now, I don’t know how easy it is to train a rabbit and by the looks of things they’ll probably just still do what they want (stubborn fluffballs), but oh my goodness it looks cute.  I think I know where I’ll be off to next…

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Apr 16 2014

From £8 to £800, there’s a fun fruity handbag for everyone

From £8 to £800, there’s a fun fruity handbag for everyone

Accessorize lemon bag fruit bag fruit salad bag clutch bag 2014 shoulder bag 2014 designer high street photos images
Did you see that story in the news recently suggesting that rather than aiming for five pieces of fruit or veg a day we should be hitting ‘seven-a-day’? Seems like a lot doesn’t it? While I can’t help you out with how to cram more berries and beetroots into your diet, I can help with some very fruity fashion accessories. This season, novelty bags have gone super sweet, with a fruit bowl’s worth…

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Apr 12 2014

Get your skincare summer-ready

Get your skincare summer-ready

After attending a skincare talk last week about new Murad suncare products, I’ve started re-thinking my summer skincare regime. Rather than slathering on rich emollients and soothing wind-chapped lips, it’s time to switch to lighter options and reconsider the all important UVA/UVA broad spectrum protection. Whilst essential year round, sun protection is evidently needed in higher doses during…

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Apr 11 2014

RECIPE: Bee-licious cupcakes

bee cupcakes recipe bee cakes recipe bee baking bee recipes photos images insect wings adorable cute cutest cupcakes kids recipes birthday icing black yellow white fondant cupcake decorating decoration how to make.
I’m not gonna lie to you, I stoletook inspiration for these bee cupcakes from some that I saw on the bakery counter in everyone’s favourite upmarket supermarket. Using a standard cupcake recipe, a pack of fondant icing, a few pots of food colourings and a bit of trial and error I worked out how to get a smooth yellow coating on top, shape tiny bee wings and pipe on black stripes and a smily face,…

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Apr 10 2014

Orthopaedic chic: How the ugly shoe is dominating this season

Orthopaedic chic: How the ugly shoe is dominating this season

Zara braided wedge
Let me paint a picture for you. It’s a summer day, two or three years ago. Fellow blogger pal Abby and I are walking through a Midlands town that will remain anonymous. We’re chatting, when she abruptly disappears from view, and ends up in a strange kind of splat on the concrete. Abby is a tall girl, all gamine arms and legs, so when I’ve finally steadied myself from the paralysing laughter, I…

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Apr 02 2014

On your bike: River Island sets its sights on the urban cyclist

RI Cycle River Island mens cycling bike collection range bike wear capsule collection menswear photos images 2014
‘A girl on a bike is at least 15 per cent hotter than when she’s not on a bike,’ someone said to me recently. I reckon it’s more like 50 per cent for guys. I don’t know why I find hot guys even hotter on bikes – maybe it’s because in my dreams we’ll cycle around London together looking between 15 and 50 per cent more attractive together.

My point is, you can imagine my delight when I saw River…

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Apr 01 2014

I went Back to Netball and exorcised my Year 8 PE demons

I went Back to Netball and exorcised my Year 8 PE demons

Back to netball class London 2014 Holloway Road photos images
I set off for my first Back to Netball session last Wednesday night with a slight sense of trepidation. I made my way to Sobell Leisure Centre (near Holloway Road), handed over my £2.50 fee at reception and, as I entered the sports hall, flashbacks to Year 8 PE lessons whizzed through my mind. Would I be training? Playing? Were the others professionals? Or had they, like me, not picked up a…

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Mar 27 2014

Why I won’t be posting a makeup-free selfie - or donating to Cancer Research UK

Why I won’t be posting a makeup-free selfie – or donating to Cancer Research UK

This is me. Wearing the most makeup I've ever worn. So there.
Call me a party pooper, but I won’t be posting a no makeup selfie and I definitely won’t be donating to Cancer Research UK. Here’s why. This is me. Wearing the most makeup I've ever worn. So there.

This is me. Wearing the most makeup I’ve ever worn. So there.

As party pooping goes, I realise what I’m about to say is equivalent to rocking up at a birthday bash without a present, unplugging the stereo and throwing the cake out of the window, but in light of…

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Mar 26 2014

And it was all yellow…welcome to Spring’s most refreshing shade

And it was all yellow…welcome to Spring’s most refreshing shade

lemon bag
About a year ago, I wrote a post on wearing white, and how much it was dominating the S/S collections. This springtime, say hello to white’s fun-loving, lower-maintenance, high-rolling sister – yellow.

Sure, white is chic, classic, suits everyone, blah blah blah. But given this strange hiatus of blue skies and sunshine we’re currently experiencing (long may it continue) don’t you just feel that…

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Mar 24 2014

Still think western women have it easy? Try watching this

Still think western women have it easy? Try watching this

If, like me, you tend to hit your head against a brick wall when explaining the basic principles of feminism to certain individuals – especially after a few drinks – then have I got the perfect visual aid to help you.  So next time you come up against a particularly tunnel-visioned individual and you feel it is your duty in life to educate them on what feminism is all about (you know, how men and…

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